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Making people feel uncomfortable since 1984

My mohawk is bigger than your penis...most things are

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Hello Hello,
So, you've stumbled upon my page, have you? I suppose you're wondering who this bitch with a mohawk is, non? Let me tell you.
-a dyke
-a lover
-a fighter

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I'm a fan of tattoos and piercings but really, who isn't? Since you asked, I have my lip pierced, my left ta-ta, a septum piercing, and my right ear (just my right ear) is stretched to a 4G.) Tattoos? 2 killer Sailor Jerry pin-up girls on my forearms, one hottie in a martini glass on my upper right arm, not to mention a lovely sky scene on my back. What about you?

When I'm not going to school, working, or being deviant, I'm dancing. No, no, I'm not much of a club kid, but I do enjoy shaking my fat ass with Big Moves. Big Moves is an organization dedicated to increasing size diversity in dance and I'm thankful to be a part of it.

I started dancing with them in the summer of 2005 and have only gotten more involved since then. I'm the rehearsal assistant and dance for Filling The Stage, a jazz/cabaret troupe. We perform numbers like "The Fat Song," (to the tune of "The Jets Song") and "All That Flab," (to the tune of "All That Jazz") Did I mention "Xanadu?" Enough said.

I'm also in a burlesque troupe called Thick. We're just taking off but we're mighty. My stage name is Charlie Sparkles, he's a gentleman slut who shamelessly flirts and when he's feeling up to it, wears silver lamé hot pants.

Other hobbies include dumpster diving, fucking like a gay man, and bargain shopping.

I'm also madly in love with the smart and sexy tartyfemme.

I love playing all sorts of games (with the exception of head games, that is,) my top picks include Cranium (I rock the humdingers,) Asshole, Pass the Pigs, and Cranium Conga. I'm always up for Game Nite!

I'm currently studying sociology and psychology at Umass-Boston. I'd like to work with kids in the future...council them- listen to them- help them...at least, those are my plans as of now. But 2 years ago I was a music education major so obviously things change.

Current Homoland Security Level is:
Terror Alert Level

Rockin' the East Coast (and Nevada apparently)

To all of the Miss Hannigan fans out there...