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Name change [Apr. 13th, 2007|07:09 am]
The new LJ name is androfagcub.
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New LJ Name! [Apr. 12th, 2007|08:04 pm]
Hello everyone,

Yeah, it's been a bit since I updated but I will start doing more of that. I miss you guys!

Anyway, I have a new LJ name that I'm going to be using from now on. I'd get a name change but it's $25 and frankly, that's money I don't have. So please, please, please remember to friend me! Thanks!
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brite and happy [Mar. 8th, 2007|04:55 pm]
Since I've been home sick today, I decided to have a little fun with my desktop. See for yourself. Ps: The photo changes every minute from my Iphoto folder.
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Angry dyke with angry insides [Mar. 8th, 2007|03:42 pm]
[Current Mood |angryangry]

I got my period yesterday- it's a week early; last month it was 3 weeks late. I had bad cramps last month, worse than usual but I dealt with it.

This morning, I got up for work at 4:30am and went to work. Then went to work and at 5:15am had to change my SUPER DUPER HEAVY DUTY-might-as-well-have-been-a-roll-of-paper-towels-tampon, wtf, it had been all of 45 minutes! At 5:30am I was having cramps so bad I was doubled over in pain, my legs were weak, I was nauseous, and had the chills. At 5:45am I was hysterically crying and my manager was calling around to see if anyone could cover my shift. I went home at 6:45am, called the doctor right away and got an urgent care appointment.

She put me on the pill. THE PILL. I'm a gold star lesbian; the last thing I thought I'd have to be on was The Pill. I'm pissed about it but she says it's going to, "lessen my flow" and the cramps, plus make me "regular." And I need to keep telling myself that. But GOD DAMN that sucks. Not to mention it's an extra $20 a month for the co-pay. Hey, as long as it doesn't feel like a hungry Doberman Pincher is gnawing on my insides, I'll be happy.

I tried to deal with the fact that I'd be taking not only be taking a new pill everyday but The Pill. Then I get it and it's pink. And the case? Pink. And not just like kind of pink or pink-ish. Capital P-I-N-K, PINK.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Seriously people, WHAT THE FUCK?! Is it really necessary? They couldn't be a neutral color? Yellow, green, any color other than fucking pink?! It's not bad enough I'm a Capital-"D"-Dyke that has to take The Pill but they're making me choke down a pink one with a matching pink case? They might as well have put little hearts on them too, or better yet, glitter. Maybe a little recipe on each individual pill so I could make a quick and easy one-pan casserole before I take it.

Just for kicks, I looked it up and uh-huh Viagra just happens to be blue: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
So guys, you can still feel masculine and macho even though you can't get your limp dick up.
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This pretty much somes last night [Mar. 6th, 2007|06:06 pm]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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(no subject) [Mar. 5th, 2007|05:22 pm]
And for the record they're "floaters," not "sinkers."
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Delish! [Mar. 5th, 2007|05:13 pm]
Yay, there's yummy food at the house. Today, after work, I made:
-Veggie Matzo ball soup
-Honey cornbread muffins

I'm about to dive into that soup in just a second. I love me my matzo balls.
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Baby cub awakes from her slumber [Mar. 2nd, 2007|01:51 pm]
[Current Mood |awakeawake]

Is a 5 hour "nap" still considered a "nap," and not a full-blown sleep? I suppose it doesn't matter but boy, am I feeling refreshed!
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Diana [Feb. 21st, 2007|07:57 pm]
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I'm so pumped about our upcoming show! [Feb. 19th, 2007|12:17 pm]
an all-star burlesque show and cakewalk
Saturday, March 24, 2007 * 2:30 to 5 p.m.
Milky Way Lounge and Lanes, 403 Centre St., Jamaica Plain, MA
Tickets: $12/adv., $15/door (plus bring folding money for tips and the
Advance tickets available online only at http://www.bigmoves.org

Burlesque and baked goods: two great tastes that come together at last at Tea
& Strumpets, an all-star matinee of some of Boston’s top names in burlesque
and drag, including dancers from the Boston Babydolls, Black Cat Burlesque,
Babes in Boinkland, and TraniWreck, complete with each troupe’s distinctive
emcee. Of course, Big Moves’ own troupe, Thick, will be there, with some
fresh plus-size stylings, and holding this bag of divas and queens together
is the eminently capable, take-no-crap specialist, Big Moves emcee Alicia

In between scintillating sets, audience members also get a crack at some great
cakes in an old-fashioned cakewalk raffle, with items donated by Boston-area
bakeries and confectioners. All proceeds from this show are helping Big Moves
take its revival of Gargantua to the Montreal Fringe Fest in June.
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